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What We Do

Welcome to HAN Partners Group (HPG)


HAN Partners Group, Inc. is a full-service product development manufacturing company with expertise in sustainable product design, user experience, engineering, branding, marketing, sourcing, production, logistics, eco-friendly manufacturing, and global supply chain management.


We know that your idea is your baby. We want to help it flourish and reach its maximum potential. We can take you from a vague idea to a compelling design that communicates your purposeand makes an impact on the world.


Not only does your product need to look great, but it needs to function flawlessly to create a positive and lasting impression on your customers. Our talented team of engineers will solve any problems with efficient, sustainable, and cost effective solutions.


We now have a beautiful working product with solid branding and a clear vision to hit the market. We are specialists in setting up sourcing and manufacturing processes to get your product to market quickly while saving cost.

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