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Meeting Rooms

We have 3 meeting rooms that are primarily used for buyer appointments. Being just 30 minutes radius to major chain buyers in Northern California Office, we are  convenient to the buyer’s schedule.


HPG recognizes the importance of market trends and how they relate to many aspects of business.  We research online resources, local and regional retail locations as well as attending major markets to gather information allowing us an additional opportunity to assist suppliers in the growth of their business. This extensive market information provides HPG the ability to work closely with the buyers and their product development teams to validate both current and future market trend direction.

New Supplier Set up

We will guide you step by step through new supplier process including:

  • Vendor Agreement

  • Item Set up

  • Retail Link Set up

  • EDI Set Up – Ordering– Invoicing

  • Logistics  – Routing – Routing Status

  • Back-end Support
    – Replenishment– Reporting
    – Item Maintenance– Logistics– OTIF
    – Item Creation– Deduction Resolution
    – EDI– Sample Delivery to Buyers
    – Supplier Center – Supplier Quotes/Quote Management

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