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27-gallon capacity ideal to store camping gear, sports equipment, tools, hunting supplies, shoes, clothes, seasonal supplies, personal items, and more
Heavy duty impact-resistant construction and design with nesting capabilities, making it great for stacking
Lifetime Durability Warranty,
Exterior dimensions: 30.75" x 20.5" x 14.375" Interior dimensions: 25.69" x 15.53" x 13.7"
This heavy duty tough box from SpaceMade is built with extreme durability to withstand ongoing use. Whether you are going camping, fishing, hauling sports equipment or just storing your personal items in the garage, this 27 gallon storage tote is the ultimate reliable tool to get the job done. storage tub is built from thick heavy duty plastic, topped with heavy duty lid, which allows for multiple totes to be stacked with locking precision. Strong handle design enables you to carry these durable totes with ease.

SpaceMade 27 gallon (102L) Heavy Duty Crate

SKU: 0005
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